Sister, brace yourself because today we're going deep.

We're going to delve into the depths of what you think you want versus what your unconscious desires.

But to understand that, we need to talk a little about how our minds and psyche work.

There's a part of us, known by most as the EGO.

The ego has a function, to make you survive and reaffirm your identity.

The ego comes to teach us and demonstrate that we are individuals. We could go much deeper into this point, but for what we're going to talk about today, it's not necessary.

So, based on its function, the ego controls and dominates our lives based on these two principles.

But what does this have to do with WHY YOU KEEP ATTRACTING UNAVAILABLE MEN?



Our brains mostly live with the same brain programming as our Stone Age ancestors. Our bodies live in a state of alertness, always ready to fight or flee, focused only on one goal: the continuation of the species. Therefore, the only thing your body wants is for you to find a man with good genes with whom you can have children. Now, whether there's emotional security, love, respect, reciprocity, attention in this relationship... all of that is not necessary for survival.

So, this is a VERY but VERY simple explanation of a concept that can actually take years of studies.

Now, this second part gets very interesting...



Humans are very particular... you've probably noticed, haven't you? In some communities/spiritual philosophies, we find the concept that we come to this world to explore and experience duality, to remember what we truly are, one with the cosmos.

If we follow that line, the explanation of why our psyche is so attached to labels, identity, and "who we are" actually makes a lot of sense.

We cling to that identity because it's what we came to explore. The fact that we are one with the cosmos and that everything is theoretically energy, we already know.

But well, in this, you choose what you want to believe... So let's get practical.

When your ego clings to an identity, that means that throughout your life, your unconscious will seek ways to validate who it thinks you are.

Carl Jung is probably one of the most recognized proponents of shadow work. If you're part of my School or my programs, you already know how transformative and powerful that work is.

"Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the subconscious will continue to direct your life and you will call it fate."

Take a breath, read that sentence again... What does it awaken in you?

Let's take as a reference a real case, with permission, I'm going to share the story of one of the women on my team.

She was the second daughter and from a young age, she felt that her father deep down in his heart wanted a boy.

Also, he was a man who traveled a lot for work and for much of her childhood, he was not present.

She began to take on more masculine roles, seeking her father's approval, doing everything she thought would bring him more into her life and show more love. But it was never enough.

In her mind, she connected the fact of not receiving what she wanted with 1. her gender and 2. that she, as she was, was not enough. So in her life, she sought to get into situations over and over again that made her feel she wasn't enough, to validate that story/belief that was instilled in her psyche since she was little.

... Take a deep breath here, let this information sink in, as we're going a little deeper still... That's what happens on a personal level, with our history, and with what happens in the early years of our lives.

And I ask you, does that story of not being enough or that as a woman you can't have what you want... sound familiar to you?

Here we enter the second level.

Among the reasons why you continue to attract men who are not available is that we have collective wounds as women.

These wounds run deep, from our roots, in each of our ancestresses.

Women have been abused, mistreated, and underestimated for much of our history as human beings.

There are many phenomenal books on that point, so I won't go into much detail there.

Our past is loaded with information at a genetic, cultural, social level.

The type of relationship you seek and long for is a new concept in our society; we have never had access to that type of relationship. In fact, to the question, "Is there a relationship in your family where respect, honesty, equality, conscious communication, freedom, and total acceptance of each other prevail?" An inspiring relationship, really? 90% of people answer NO.

Obviously, we are creating something new from scratch and there will be resistance.


Because you come loaded with information in your unconscious that is doing everything to prevent you from getting what you want.

And can you guess which part of your body somatically registers ALL that information?


That's why my programs are focused on making our work easier and starting to remove all that is in our cauldrons through the body.

It's much easier to access the body than the depths of your psyche. That's why many women tell me they've been going to a psychologist for years, but the results they've had in such a short time with yoni eggs and crystal wands are incredibly impactful!

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