About Yoni Samsara

Yoni Samsara is a community focused on working to awaken female sexual pleasure through the use of yoni eggs and pleasure wands. Founded by female empowerment coach Carol Arnelas, Yoni Samsara's mission is to provide all women with materials and resources to fully explore and enjoy their orgasmic potential, achieve a strong and healthy pelvic floor and feel empowered in their sexuality.

Carol has been accompanying women for more than 9 years in more than 20 countries to shine again in every way, in a process of activation of their feminine gifts, to become magnetic and get everything they want.From Yoni Samsara we offer all the necessary elements to undertake this magical path that has already changed the lives of hundreds of women. Our yoni eggs and pleasure sticks are carefully selected, manufactured with the highest quality minerals and all have the Official GIA Certificate, so they are totally safe for internal use. Together with the accompanying on-line courses, it is possible to begin a true transformation, freeing ourselves from the shells, working through and healing traumas, and awakening sacred feminine sexuality, embraced by an immense pleasure that has been hidden by society for decades.We ship discreetly all over the world, always making sure that the yoni eggs and wands arrive totally flawless. Follow us on Instagram and discover the full potential of yoni eggs and pleasure wands