You don't know how excited I am to open this space and have this date with you every Friday. It's like a caress to the heart knowing that every Friday at 11:11, we will sit here discussing such important topics for our development and empowerment as women.

I must also admit that after being censored on Instagram and having my account with a community of more than 50,000 women permanently closed, I have felt as if my voice was taken away, like a plug in my throat. That’s why I decided to open this space, so we can speak without filters and openly.

So if you haven't yet, I invite you to prepare your cup of tea, coffee, cacao, or your favorite drink, and let's explore one of the most important topics for female empowerment.

In case you didn't know, May is Masturbation Month!

I want to celebrate it with you by sharing the reasons why you should dedicate at least one night a week to a date with yourself. And if you read until the end, you'll find some tips on how to turn masturbation into a spiritual practice and also a little gift just for the readers of this blog.

But first things first.

How about we change the word "masturbation" to "self-pleasure"? The word masturbation in its etymology means “to violate with the hand.” This meaning stems from the concept that masturbation was bad and harmful to the development of the mind and consciousness.

Educational books on the reproductive system from that era imposed the theory that children who masturbated before adolescence damaged their nervous system, hence the concept that sex dulls the brain.

And then we wonder why our relationship with sex is so difficult 😒

So, why have your self-pleasure spaces?


Cultivating the Relationship with Yourself

Of course, there are many ways to cultivate the relationship with yourself, like taking yourself on dates, treating yourself to a massage or your favorite treatment, going for a walk alone, etc. There’s something for everyone.

Still, in my experience, there’s nothing better than a good night of sex with myself, with my yoni eggs, my anal plugs, and my pleasure wands.

I know it's a bit of a cliché phrase, but it’s true that the only relationship you’ll have to maintain for life is the one you have with yourself, and for most women, it’s always the one that gets sacrificed and left for last.

Since that relationship is THE ONLY one we have to maintain for life and from which we cannot escape, why not make it pleasant, satisfying, and orgasmic?

Natural Stress Reducer

Self-pleasure is an excellent way to reduce stress. When you give yourself pleasure, your body releases endorphins, the happiness hormones, which help reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Taking time for yourself, disconnecting from the outside world, and focusing on your own pleasure is a powerful way to relax and relieve accumulated tension. Moreover, this ritual can become a sacred moment of self-care, where you allow yourself to release any emotional or mental burdens you’re carrying.


Better Sex

Regular self-pleasure practices can improve your sex life in several ways. First, it helps you know your body better, your erogenous zones, and what you like. This self-awareness translates into greater confidence and ability to communicate your desires and needs to your partner. Additionally, by maintaining a self-pleasure practice, you keep your libido active and healthy, which can lead to more satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences both solo and with a partner.

Pain Relief

Did you know that pleasure and orgasms can help alleviate certain types of pain? During orgasm, your body releases a mix of hormones and chemicals that can act as natural painkillers. This includes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that not only makes you feel good but can also reduce the perception of pain. Many women find relief for menstrual cramps, headaches, and other physical discomforts through masturbation.

Better Sleep

After an orgasm, many people experience a deep relaxation and drowsiness. This is due to the release of hormones like prolactin and oxytocin, which have a calming effect on the body. Incorporating masturbation into your nighttime routine can be an excellent way to prepare your body and mind for a restful sleep. By allowing yourself to disconnect and release tensions, you may find that you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling more rested.

And if all this isn't enough to motivate you…

Pleasure as a Spiritual Practice

Self-pleasure can easily become a form of meditation, a spiritual practice, and your moment of connection with your higher self.

When you touch yourself and allow yourself to be fully present with your body, with the sensations being generated in your body, you are practicing active meditation. Meditation is training yourself to be present. In passive meditation, you simply focus on your breath; if a thought appears, you let it pass and return to focusing on your breath. With your self-pleasure practice, it's the same: every time your mind starts to wander with thoughts like “how boring to do it alone,” “I have to wash the dishes,” “the presentation tomorrow at work,” “I should paint the walls purple,” or whatever, return to the sensations you are creating in your body.

One of the most beautiful parts of self-pleasure is giving and receiving at the same time, in the same moment, so you have a double point of focus.
Ask yourself: How does it feel to touch my skin? What is the sensation my fingers feel when touching my skin, my nipples, my clitoris? How does it feel on my fingers to feel that moisture in my yoni?

And on the other hand, how does it feel to receive that touch? The physical pleasure that derives from it and that tingling that starts to spread through the body.

My life mission is to help women realize their power and all the potential they have, not only in what is the common understanding of society but also in the innate magic that each of us possesses.

Because sister, you are a source of magic, of energy, of orgasmic potential, of creative energy. Within you resides an ancestral power that has been revered and feared throughout history. It’s no coincidence that in times past, women who dared to claim their power and sexuality were considered dangerous. They used to burn us at the stake not only for our wisdom and connection to nature but for the untamed force we carry within, a force that has the capacity to transform the world.

Women's sexual power has the capacity to create and destroy, to harmonize or divide. This power not only resides in the ability to give life but also in the ability to connect deeply with ourselves and others. It is a power that can be channeled to heal, to inspire, and to awaken other women.
I want you to recognize yourself as the powerful and magical woman you are. I want you to see in yourself the goddess that has always been there, waiting to be discovered and celebrated. When you connect with your pleasure, you are not only claiming your right to enjoy your body, but you are also accessing a deep source of spiritual and emotional power.

I know it can sometimes be very difficult to find the motivation to access all of this. Daily concerns, stress, and past experiences can make the connection with our sexual energy feel distant. It’s common to feel disconnected from our own pleasure. But remember, you are not alone on this journey.

Pachamama provides us with the best tools to activate our sexual energy and heal from within. Nephrite jade is a precious stone known for its healing and energetic properties. It is the ultimate stone to activate our sexual energy and help us turn our self-pleasure practice into a ritual full of love, passion, and sensuality.

Let me introduce you to the most luxurious toy in the world: our curved nephrite jade wand. With this sacred tool, your self-pleasure practices will transform into pure magic. Nephrite jade not only helps to unlock sexual energy but also promotes emotional healing, mental clarity, and a deeper connection with your higher self.

Imagine the soft and refreshing touch of the jade wand against your skin, the way it perfectly adapts to your body, allowing you to explore every corner of your pleasure with tenderness and dedication. This is not just a toy, it is a key to unlocking your inner power, to connect with your purest essence, and to rediscover the fire within you.

You can find the curved nephrite jade wand HERE, along with a complete description of the benefits that nephrite jade can offer you. Allow yourself to explore, heal, and flourish. Make every moment a ritual of self-love and reconnection.

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I hope all this information reminds you that self-pleasure is not just about enjoying your body. You are claiming your power, you are exploring the magic that resides within you. The time has come to embrace yourself, celebrate yourself, and allow yourself to enjoy this sacred act. Recognize and honor the creative energy that flows through you. Every touch, every sensation is an affirmation of your power, your vitality, and your connection to something greater.
Because when you connect with yourself on this level, you not only give yourself pleasure, but you also nourish your soul and awaken the goddess that has always been inside you.

Always remember: you are powerful, you are magical, and you deserve to enjoy every moment of your existence.

With love and much, much pleasure.