The word pleasure wand probably doesn't ring a bell as much as yoni egg, but if you've reached this point, you're on a journey to de-contract your vaginal muscles and reconnect with your sexuality and pleasure.

What are pleasure wands or crystal wands? 

The pleasure wand, also known as massage wands, goddess wands or crystal wands, are stones or crystals carved in phallic shapes that help to decontract the vagina and discover self-pleasure from a different perspective compared to conventional sex toys. They are also a tool to achieve squirt, unblock stagnant emotions and heal sexual traumas, releasing the full potential of feminine energy.

There are pleasure wands in various shapes that allow you to work on various aspects of yourself, even when used with a partner. The most common are straight and curved and are found in different crystals, the most common being nephrite jade, rose quartz and black obsidian.

Properties and benefits of using pleasure wands

Among the many properties of the pleasure wands, we highlight the following:

♥ De-contraction of the genital, urogenital and pelvic floor muscles helping to keep them fit and young for longer.

♥ Achieving "squirts".

♥ Learning to self-pleasuring and getting to know one's own skin.

♥ Sexual healing

♥ Release of stagnant energies and sexual embarrassment

♥ Increased lividity and vaginal lubrication

♥ Easier to reach orgasm, in addition to achieving it with greater intensity

♥ Enhancing creative development and activities

♥ Connect and recognise oneself.


The origin of the pleasure wands

Pleasure wands are not a new product, but have been known to exist for thousands of years. The worship of phallic elements has existed since the Stone Age. Stone wands or wands have also been found in Greece, Egypt, India and China.

Phallic objects, carved in stones or crystals, were used to perform rituals to increase fertility, ward off evil spirits and for self-discovery of the female body and pleasures.

In short, what we also know as a wand has existed for thousands of years in almost every part of the world.


Pleasure wand crystals

There are goddess wands or pleasure wands made of semi-precious stones or crystals. You should never use one that is not made of 100% natural material, as it could be harmful to your health.

Nephrite Jade Wand

Nephrite jade is also known as "kidney stone", due to its age-old uses to heal kidney problems. The name nephrite comes from the ancient Greek, "nephros", meaning kidneys.

Nephrite Jade wand helps to de-contract the vaginal muscles and works to achieve mind-body balance: it reactivates in case of apathy and calms if there is too much anger or tension.

Black obsidian wands 

Black obsidian is a stone of volcanic origin, created by the rapid cooling of lava from a volcano as it rises to the earth's surface. It is one of the most healing stones in existence today and for that very reason it is carved in many forms, including the yoni egg.

Working with an obsidian wand helps us to get to know our body and sexuality better, discovering the most extreme pleasure. In addition, it is also a tool that helps to release past traumas and stagnant energies, helps to increase lividity and to let go of shame related to sexual matters. It also helps to restore a balance between the physical and spiritual part of oneself, giving patience and helping to overcome obstacles and challenges on the path of healing.


Rose Quartz Wand

Rose quartz, also known as "the stone of the heart", is directly linked to unconditional love. It will allow you to help heal emotional and physical wounds in the womb, as well as enhance fertility. It cleanses dense energies, helps to connect with creativity and to get rid of self-destructive behaviours, especially those related to abandonment, the need to always have company and even those that mistreat the body through malnutrition or excess.
The rose quartz wand helps you to dissolve sorrows and fears, being a tool to work on the detachment of negative feelings that can cloud the ability to love unconditionally.

Shapes of crystal wands or goddess wands

You can find crystal wands or goddess wands in different shapes: straight, curved, wavy. Each of them can be used to work on different aspects.

Straight Wands 

In the case of straight glass wands, with a slight conical shape (one part wider and the other narrower) they serve as vaginal decontractors, helping to release stagnant tension in the vagina. By releasing it, it will help oxygenate the sexual organs, allowing you to improve lubrication and increase pleasure and have stronger orgasms.

Curved Wands or G-Spot Stimulants

Dildos de cristal Punto-G | Guía Varas de Placer


The curved wands also have a thicker, ball-like end that protrudes from the wand. This shape has been specially designed to be able to stimulate a woman's G-spot and A-spot.

Stimulation of these points can be neglected and are really important for improving female sexual health. Stimulation of the A-spot, located on the anterior vaginal wall, very close to the cervix. This area can only be stimulated via penetration, with the right depth and angle. When stimulated, it allows for deeper and multiple orgasms, as well as increasing vaginal lubrication.

The G-spot, on the other hand, is located on the front side of the vagina, below the urethra, and is an area from which the clitoris is also stimulated. The curved pleasure wand allows you to reach this point easily, allowing you to get the real 'squirt' and achieve stratospheric levels of pleasure.

How to use the pleasure wand or yoni wand?

Before using the pleasure wand, you can choose to heat it with warm water or cool it down with ice or store it in the fridge for a few moments. Once it has reached the desired temperature, you can use it gently for maximum pleasure. It can also be used as a body massager.

To learn how to use the pleasure wand correctly, we recommend you the trainings that Carol Arnelas has designed for Yoni Samsara. In this way, you can learn the best way to use your wand, personalized accompaniment throughout the process of physical, emotional and spiritual work.

Cleaning and maintenance of your pleasure wand

Pleasure wands last a lifetime, as long as they are used correctly and cleaned with care and affection.

When you receive the pleasure wand at home, you should first of all check that it has no cracks that can be noticed with your fingers, and make sure that it has not suffered any knocks or been damaged when you received it by courier. Before its first use, we recommend that you put it in a container of water at room temperature with neutral PH soap. Then, put it on the heat and heat it, but do not let it boil, as it could crack. Leave it for a maximum of 5 minutes, then take it out and dry it well with a clean cloth.

Always make sure that the wand is in perfect condition before internal use, cleaning it after each use is very important.

Can the pleasure wand be used with lubricant?

Yes, lubricant can be used. We recommend using only natural, organic and water-based lubricants.

If you have any further doubts or questions about the different pleasure wands, do not hesitate to contact the Yoni Samsara team, we will help you in your process of choosing the best glass wand!