If you've heard about yoni eggs, are just starting to use them or want to know more about them, stay tuned. We tell you everything you need to know about this therapeutic tool that has changed the lives of many women.

What are the yoni eggs?


Yoni eggs or vaginal eggs are egg-shaped stones or crystals that are designed as an alternative therapeutic tool. When inserted into the vaginal canal they work on different aspects of the physical body, as well as on an emotional and spiritual level.

The word "yoni" comes from Sanskrit and means vagina, uterus, source, womb. The yoni is the symbol of Shakti, the feminine and primordial energy of the universe. These eggs were already used thousands of years ago in China; the emperor's concubines were famous for being the best lovers thanks to the use of yoni eggs.

Guía práctica sobre los huevos yoni

But what are the yoni eggs for?


The yoni eggs serve to improve the connection with the female sexual energy. They also allow us to get to know our body better, creating a mind-vagina link when performing rituals and/or exercises with them.

They help to work on and better understand the emotions and feelings that have been stored, stagnant in the genital area, which is a female energy centre with a great power: the power to create and give life. And we are not only referring to the enormous power to bring a human being to this planet, but also to gestate and create projects in many other areas.

Properties and benefits of using yoni eggs


Among the many properties of yoni eggs, we highlight:

♥ Decreased shyness and awkwardness when talking about sex.

♥ Awakening of libido, increased pleasure and sexual ability

♥ Release of sexual shame

♥ Improved strength and agility of the vaginal canal and pelvic floor

♥ Improvement in cases of incontinence and prolapse

♥ Increased confidence to show yourself fully in all aspects of life

♥ Surprising and beneficial multi-layered effects of sexual healing

♥ Creation of an overall awareness of your vaginal muscles

♥ Better coordination of your vaginal muscles

♥ Easier to reach orgasm, as well as achieving orgasm with more intensity

♥ Toning of the vaginal canal

♥ Increased sexual desire

♥ Increased vaginal lubrication

♥ Reduced yeast infections

♥ Helps relieve pain caused by menstrual cramping

Tipos de huevos yoni que existen Types of yoni eggs that exist

Yoni eggs are made of semi-precious stones or crystals; you should never use an egg that is made of materials other than natural stones, as they could be harmful to your health.

Nephrite jade yoni egg

Huevo vaginal de obsidiana | Guía práctica de los yoni eggs | Yoni Samsara


The Nephrite Jade yoni egg is the one that is usually used to get started with the practice of yoni eggs, although it will always depend on each person and what needs to be worked on at the time. Nephrite jade is also known as "kidney stone", due to the healing power it has for pathologies in this organ of the human body.
This stone heals sexuality and re-establishes the connection with the body. The name nephrite comes from the ancient Greek "nephros", which means kidneys. This stone has been known for hundreds of years and has been used therapeutically to treat kidney diseases.

It also helps us to know what is hidden inside us by enlivening our dreams while we sleep. It generates balance in the body-mind: it reactivates in case of apathy and calms if there is too much anger or tension.

Black obsidian yoni egg


The black obsidian egg is one of the best known and most widely used as it is a very abundant stone in the earth and one of the most healing stones in existence. Black obsidian is formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. This stone already had ritual uses in prehistoric times, as it has been found in Palaeolithic burial sites.

Black obsidian helps us to confront our darker side, allowing us to challenge it and emerge with all our true nature. It helps to work on resolving traumas, blockages or fears, fighting them and breaking patterns of behaviour.

The obsidian egg helps us to ground ourselves; being a stone from within the earth, it has great power to help empower and strengthen us.

Rose quartz yoni egg

Huevo de cuarzo rosa | Guía práctica sobre huevos yoni | Yoni Samsara


The rose quartz yoni egg is also well known. Nicknamed "the stone of the heart", this mineral is directly linked to love and heart, being a stone closely linked to fertility.

It helps us to rediscover ourselves, our sensitivity, our unconditional and universal love, as well as freeing us from worries and can help us to set limits, taking loving care of ourselves and, consequently, our environment.

Rose quartz is a true fertility enhancer, as well as being able to create a strong connection with our femininity, Yin or Shakti.

Other types of yoni eggs


In addition to these three minerals, there are other types of egg yoni, but their use is not as common. These include white quartz egg, tiger's eye egg or lapis lazuli yoni egg, but not all of them are suitable for internal use.

For the crystal or stone to be used internally (inside the vaginal canal) it is very important that it is natural and that its hardness is equal to or greater than 6.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. There are stones that although they are used to make yonis eggs, their internal use is not indicated as they have a lower hardness and are more porous, which can cause infections.

How to use a yoni egg?

Inserting a yoni egg is really a ritual, a meditative process to connect womb-heart-mind. It is something that should not be done hastily or unaccompanied.

To learn how to use your yoni egg correctly we recommend the trainings that Carol Arnelas has designed for Yoni Samsara. This way, you will be able to use your yoni egg safely, with a personalised accompaniment during the whole process of physical, emotional and spiritual work.

How often can I use it and when should I rest?

The yoni egg can be used every day, but should be rested for a week during menstruation. If there is no menstruation, it should be rested for a few days during the new moon period.

How long can I keep the yoni egg inside?

The yoni egg is very powerful and some women prefer to start with a few minutes a day and increase its use.

Also, if you use floss you should change it regularly to avoid infections. Yoni Samsara recommends using floss without wax, fluoride or flavours for yoni eggs and if you want, you can change it after each use to make sure it is always clean.


How do I clean my yoni egg and does it need special care?

Yoni eggs need two types of cleansing: physical and energetic cleansing. Now we are going to tell you some ways to do it.

When you receive your yoni egg, you should first of all make sure that there are no cracks that you can feel with your fingers. In particular, you should inspect your egg when you receive it, make sure that it has not suffered any knocks or damage (especially if it has been received by courier). Always make sure it is in perfect condition before internal use.


Physical cleaning of the yoni egg

Now, let's go to the physical cleansing. At Yoni Samsara we recommend that you follow the following process:

  1. Put a bowl with room temperature water and the egg in it.
  2. Bring the bowl to a boil over medium heat.
  3. Watch the whole time and when small bubbles start to appear, before the boiling point, remove or turn off the fire. Wait for the water to cool slightly and carefully remove the egg.
  4. Dry with a clean dry cloth and store in the Yoni Samsara protective bag.

It is important not to make sudden temperature changes with the yoni egg. Remember that they are natural crystals and could break.

Between uses it is not necessary to go through the same process. It can be cleaned with water and neutral soap or water and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. It is important to keep the egg clean and cared for to avoid any health problems.



Energetic cleaning of the yoni eggs


Stones and crystals store energy and it is important to do an energetic cleansing on them, especially before you start using them as they could store the energy of the people who have touched them previously (manufacturing process, shipping).

There are different ways to perform energetic cleansings; from smoking your yoni egg with palo santo or sage; leaving it under the light of the full moon or even putting it in a glass jar and burying it in the ground during the night of the new moon. In our online yoni egg courses we tell you about the different ways in detail, as well as helping you through the process of using and caring for your yoni eggs.

Limpieza energética de tu huevo yoni | Yoni Samsara

Sizes and other practical aspects of yoni eggs

In addition to different minerals, yoni eggs also come in different sizes and with or without a hole. If you are not sure which vaginal egg suits you best, you can go to our "Guide to buying your yoni egg", where we help you to find out everything you need to consider before you buy your yoni egg.