Today I come to give you an analysis... (don't worry, it won't be a boring one😏), but a super s3xy one about the benefits of 0rg4sm0 for health and how it influences the chemistry of your brain, your hormones, and your nervous system.

Or rather, how they impact each other.

Let's talk about what floods your body during 0rg4sm or while experiencing s3nsual or s3xual pl3asur3.

I don't usually teach focusing on statistics or numbers, but skeptics often ask me for scientific evidence, so here we go with a bit of s3xy science today.

One of the main reasons why having an 0rg4sm0 is so beneficial and feels so good is because the brain releases the pl3asur3 hormone, oxytocin.

Oxytocin is also known as the love or hug hormone, as it plays an essential role in building an intimate bond between humans.

We also release vasopressin, which calms the nervous system.

Especially if you're too activated... like many women are nowadays... feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed.

According to a study, vasopressin and oxytocin lead to longer life, and according to this research, women who had two 0rg4sm0s per week had half the mortality rate of those who had s3xual relations once (or less) a month.

And isn't that already enough to understand how many benefits 0rg4sm0 has for health?

Another hormone that is released is DHEA, which improves mental clarity in the brain, among other hormones.

Not only that, but it regulates female hormones, increases flexibility and pl3asur3 in the breasts, improves circulation and lymphatic flow while strengthening and improving your s3xu4l vitality overall.

DHEA also helps balance the immune system and promotes bone health by repairing tissues.

Studies have shown that the greatest health benefit of having an 0rg4sm0 three or more times a week can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 50 percent in women.

Did you know that having 0rg4sm0s also improves the quality of your sleep?

When a woman has an 0rg4sm0, endorphins are released, which promotes better and deeper sleep.

It also helps you leave behind unhealthy eating habits or sugar cravings.

In fact, that's how I went from eating sugar in almost every meal (I had a huge sugar addiction) to eating more nutritious foods that satisfied me over the years.

I used 0rg4sms and pl3asur3 to reconfigure my eating habits and rituals. Now I eat for pl3asur3 AND to nourish myself. And 0rg4sms helped me do that.


0rg4sms help in the production of phenethylamine, which is a natural amphetamine that controls appetite.

Not to mention that many women eat when they are bored or unsatisfied because they feel like their appetite cannot be truly satisfied or satiated.

This is usually because their s3xu4l appetite feels that way actually.

I invite you to ask yourself this: "how is it that my s3xu4l appetite is not being satisfied or fulfilled and how could I be using food or sugar to suppress, control, or manipulate it?"

Besides all the other benefits of 0rg4sms for health, having them regularly will make you feel juicy! Literally.

The additional stimulation before and during 0rg4sm0 causes blood to flow to the g3nital tissue, keeping it flexible and fresh, improving lubrication.

When you feel pl3asur3 your body replenishes nitric oxide and decreases the release of cortisol or adrenaline.

Hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin improve brain function, increase intimacy, give the skin a healthy glow, and stimulate the immune system.

If you're sick, tired, or just need a little extra energy, resorting to personal pl3asur3 is one of the best things you can do.

I know it's usually the last thing you think about doing when you're sick or tired, but it will invigorate you on all levels and remind you how juicy, excited, and alive your s3nsu4l and €r0t!c body is.

I've indulged many times like a lazy and sick dog haha

During 0rg4sm0, the lateral orbital frontal cortex darkens completely.

This is the part of your brain behind your left eye responsible for reason, judgment, and behavior, which means that you also detach from your ego and self-criticism during 0rg4sm0.

This reconnects your brain to connect with your truth and your higher/deeper/more true self, not with your ego.

So the benefits of 0rg4sm0 are not only for health, but also open up your spiritual potential!

You might already be familiar with the importance of breathing when it comes to having better, deeper, and more satisfying s3xu4l experiences and 0rg4sm0s.

This is because you are flooding your body with oxygen and healthy hormones.

You're also calming your nervous system, allowing you to fall into a state of safety and surrender, which is key to 0rg4sm0, especially for many women.

There's a reason why there are s3xu4l philosophies and paths like Tantra and Taoism, because they use the power of breathing and €r0t!c energy to expand their 0rg4smic potential and pl3asur3.

At the same time, you get the benefits of health, rejuvenation, and immune stimulation.

Deep breathing activates and moves your €r0t!c energy and, therefore, your excitement throughout your body.

Which means you become 0rg4smic throughout your body and nothing makes a woman wetter than being able to access all her pl3asur3.

A much deeper reason why this is so good, which you probably never considered, is that women often find themselves in a state of what I call s3xu4l vigilance, which means you're always alert or even defending against unwanted s3xu4l attention or energy.

Hypervigilant and always looking for danger at the nervous system level.

This is a mental as well as physiological experience that activates your nervous system and neural pathways to approach or retreat from pl3asur3 and excitement.

Deep breathing and moving your €r0t!c energy calm your nervous system, creating more safety in the body, allowing you to relax and surrender to the sensations that your body is programmed to naturally experience.

Every time you choose pl3asur3 or touch your body, you are literally sending positive and pleasurable messages from your brain to the tissue you are stimulating.

So, if you experience numbness, pain, or trauma in your v4.g¡n4, the more you stimulate your v4.g¡n4, the more you awaken the neural pathways of the tissue and reconnect your brain to get pl3asur3, not pain or numbness.

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With love and much pl3asur3