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With the arrival of summer, this wonderful season of sun, openness, and sociability, we take the opportunity to discuss a delicate but vitally important topic for our well-being, expression, and relationships.

Before revealing this week's topic, as always, I invite you to prepare your favorite drink and ensure you have this space to yourself, free from distractions, so we can dive into this wonderful world of...

Our libido.

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How many times have you felt that something is broken in you for not having the desire? Have you felt less of a woman for not being able to access your sensuality and sexuality?

I know what it feels like; I've been there too. I know it can be totally isolating, frustrating, and full of disconnection, affecting your intimate relationships in a destabilizing way.

It's incredible how our libido, and our relationship with our body and sexuality, have a domino effect on our life.

Because at the end of the day, if you don't feel good about yourself, your intimacy with your partner is affected, your mood and harmony as a couple are compromised, and not to mention how, if there are children involved, your well-being influences the way you behave and educate your children.

Therefore, I am here to share some important tips on how to improve your sexual health so you can have the best relationship with yourself, which will reflect in improving ALL the relationships around you.

First of all, you need to understand that low libido is not the CAUSE of your problems.

Your libido is the CONSEQUENCE. It is a mere symptom, a compass, an indicator that something is very wrong in your world.

Your nature as a woman is to be seductive, feminine, sensual, and sexual. Your vulnerability, softness, need for communication, and expression are indicators of a healthy, flourishing femininity that is inspiring to you and those around you.

What distances you from these characteristics is an indicator that something in your life is not aligned with your nature and your greatest expression as a woman.

Now, the most important thing is not to let yourself be overwhelmed by this, but to accept these signals from your body as a compass towards where to direct your attention.

Here are some of the reasons your libido might be affected. 



Hormonal contraceptives, such as pills, patches, and hormonal IUDs, can have varied effects on female libido. These methods work by altering the natural hormone levels in our bodies, primarily by increasing estrogen and progestin levels to prevent ovulation. For some of us, these hormonal changes can lead to a decrease in libido, possibly because they suppress testosterone, which is key in sexual desire.

Although many scientific studies claim otherwise and assert that most women do not see their sexual desire affected by contraceptives, the reality is that any hormonal regulator affects you, as it completely changes your body's natural system.

Most women who embark on a path of conscious healing report feeling an incredible change when they stop using contraceptives. For many, it is as if a cloud is lifted from their mind, giving them more clarity, control over their emotions, a joy and vitality they had not felt since they started taking contraceptives. And of course, all of this greatly influences how we live our sexuality and our relationships.



Although it may seem a bit cliché, it's incredible how our beliefs and thoughts influence our libido. Once again, women are beings of the earth, made of the same substance as nature, following its rhythms and cycles. When we impose a "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong" on these rhythms and cycles, we compromise our well-being.

In modern society, which constantly invites us to do more, to push beyond the limits of our bodies, and to always be busy, it is imperative that women start to deeply examine what we believe about this system. The worst part is that this system and culture are so ingrained in us that we end up believing that taking a break is bad, that we should never stop because that would mean we are failures or not good enough.

This pain of never feeling like we are or do enough comes mainly from the quality of the thoughts we have. We have been taught to measure our worth by our productivity, not by our authenticity or well-being. This belief can erode our connection with ourselves and our sexuality.

Our limiting beliefs, such as thinking we must always be available and productive, affect our ability to relax and enjoy pleasure. When we feel we must always be on the move, we leave no room to listen to our bodies and understand their needs. This can lead to a disconnection with our libido, as stress and self-demand take us away from our natural rhythm.

To counteract this, it is essential to start questioning these beliefs. We need to remember that our worth does not lie in how much we do, but in who we are. It is vital to allow ourselves to rest and reconnect with our bodies without feeling guilty about it. When we accept our natural rhythms and cycles, we begin to see that rest is not a luxury but a fundamental necessity for our well-being.

By working on changing our beliefs and thoughts, we open the door to a healthier relationship with our libido. Accepting that it is normal to have ups and downs, and that these do not define us, frees us to experience our sexuality in a fuller and more satisfying way. It is time to prioritize our well-being and reconnect with our feminine essence, accepting that we are enough just as we are.


I will never tire of saying that the worst enemies of sexuality are guilt and shame. These emotions are among the lowest vibrations a human can experience and are the foundation of everything used to control, repress, and limit us. Women, in particular, experience guilt and shame when being sexual beings, when expressing our sensuality, and these emotions are deeply connected with feelings of insecurity and danger.

For these reasons, the internal work a woman must do to open herself to feel desire, pleasure, and the free expression of her being and nature is extremely intense, profound, and, above all, vitally important. Without the proper support to deeply enter your subconscious and change those programs that generate guilt and shame, it will be very difficult to enjoy your sensuality and sexuality. As a result, your body may react with low libido to protect you from these low-vibration emotions.

At Yoni Samsara and in all of Carol Arnelas' programs, we focus on working with crystals like obsidian, which guide us towards the shadows of our being, bringing to the surface all those beliefs and thoughts that obstruct our path to a liberated sexuality. If you would like to be accompanied on this path of liberation, understanding your subconscious better, and freeing yourself from all these beliefs and emotions in your womb so that you can finally access your full sensual and sexual potential.

To provide you with practical tools for couple communication, conscious touch, knowledge of your body and what you like, and, above all, for cleansing and reprogramming your womb so you can free yourself from everything in your subconscious, we have created the introductory course on Yoni eggs for you.

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Ignorance and misinformation are two factors that go hand in hand and affect all aspects of our lives, especially our sexuality and relationships. Many of us do not fully understand how our bodies work or what they truly need to be healthy and balanced. The lack of knowledge about effective communication and understanding the differences not only between men and women but also between individuals is a significant obstacle. Each person has a unique language for feeling loved, desired, and sensually and erotically activated. Without this understanding, it is difficult to connect deeply with ourselves and with others.

Unfortunately, our knowledge about how to relate to ourselves and others is so limited that, in most cases, we misinterpret situations, which distances us instead of bringing us closer to the people we love. This lack of understanding can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts that erode intimacy and connection in our relationships. Without a solid foundation of communication and mutual understanding, it is easy to fall into behavior patterns that emotionally distance us from our partners.

Moreover, the situation with our relationships with partners, family, and friends has a gigantic impact on our lives and our libido. Healthy and balanced relationships provide us with a sense of security and emotional support, which are fundamental for a fulfilling sex life. On the other hand, conflicts and tensions in these relationships can generate stress and anxiety, negatively affecting our sexual desire. The quality of our interactions with loved ones directly influences how we feel about ourselves and, consequently, our libido.

The consequence of this ignorance and misinformation is devastating for our intimacy and connection, and therefore, for our libido. The lack of emotional connection and mutual understanding kills sexual desire. To maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life, it is essential to educate ourselves about our bodies, minds, and emotions. Learning to communicate openly and honestly with our partners, and understanding their needs and desires, is crucial for cultivating an intimate and deeply connected relationship. By doing so, we not only improve our sex life but also the quality of our relationships in general.


Although ideally, it would be best to work on each of these points and start with small daily practices to reactivate the connection with your body and cleanse your womb of all those pieces of information, beliefs, and emotions that do not allow you to be free in your sexual and sensual expression, we know that this is a process that can take months or even years. In fact, as we always say, this is a one-way journey: once you start, there is no turning back. And although we would love to offer you a magic pill to heal all of this instantly, unfortunately, that does not exist.

What does exist and can help you awaken that fire is blue lotus tea. It's the closest thing to a magic pill we have.

Blue lotus, known since ancient times in Egyptian and Asian medicine, is today considered one of the best plants to awaken sexual desire and activate our ability to have lucid dreams because it contains substances like apomorphine and nuciferine. Apomorphine is a substance that activates dopamine, making us feel happy and euphoric, and it also helps control muscles, being useful for people with Parkinson's disease or erectile dysfunction. Nuciferine, on the other hand, is similar to antipsychotic medications and helps us relax and reduce tension.

Traditionally, blue lotus flower has been used both for fun and for medicinal purposes. It improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety, and increases sexual desire. Although modern studies have not confirmed 100% that it is an aphrodisiac, many people use it to enhance their sex life, thanks to nuciferine. Additionally, it contains antioxidants like flavonoids and quercetin, which are good for overall health.

Blue lotus is also great for relaxing and enjoying moments of well-being, such as in meditation, yoga, or massages, because it has narcotic and euphoric effects. If taken before sleep, it can help you have vivid dreams and mystical experiences. Whether in the form of tea, tinctures, or extracts, blue lotus is a versatile tool for improving your physical and emotional well-being.

Our blue lotus tea is of the highest quality, ethically hand-picked, and packaged with all the love from Yoni Samsara.

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Let us know what it awakened in you or any doubts or shares in the comments; it would be an honor for us to read you.

We wish you all the pleasure, joy, and expansion, and we will see you in the next article.

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