Sister, today I come to share with you a great topic!

It's fascinating how ALL men and women are fascinated and at the same time reluctant about this topic.

It's a bit like cilantro, there's no one who likes it halfway. You either love it or hate it.

The same goes for 90% of people with...


So as always, prepare that cup of tea, cocoa, or your favorite drink, and let's delve into that very interesting aspect of female sexuality.

At Yoni Samsara, we're excited to provide tools, techniques, and everything you need to know about your body, your anatomy, and your energy so that you can explore your sexuality and your orgasmic potential in all its colors!

Because, woman, no matter what stage of life you're in, your body has infinite potential to feel pleasure.

I've seen women over 70 let go and release their sacred waters and experience orgasms so intense that they would make most young women envious.

Has your curiosity been awakened by the mysterious world of squirting?

Let's talk about the sensations, connection, freedom, and camaraderie that can arise from this sacred practice.

Whether you're curious, eager to explore your own squirting potential, or want to help your partner achieve this incredible sensation, here you'll find the basics to start that magical exploration...


Is Squirting an Orgasm?

Squirting is different from any other type of orgasm. In fact, if we want to be completely honest and clear, squirting is not an orgasm.

If you've experienced a clitoral or vaginal orgasm, there's usually a moment of contraction before the orgasm and a series of contractions during and after. An orgasm produces a series of involuntary muscle contractions in the vagina. And I think all of us who have experienced it can confidently say it feels amazing.

Now, the difference between squirting and orgasm is that to release your sacred waters, there can't be tension. You and your body need to be completely relaxed, surrendered, in trust, safe, empty (in the most beautiful and liberating sense you can give to this word).

However, squirting can happen at the same time, before, or after other types of orgasms, which makes it even more exciting... pleasure combos!

Can you imagine how it would feel to completely let go? To enjoy where your body is in the moment, without trying to control or contract?

TWO MAIN THINGS stop women from letting squirting happen, so let's address those points once and for all...

...I'll give you a couple of seconds to think about yours...


What if I make a mess?

First of all, you need to understand that squirting can vary greatly from person to person. It can be:

- Dripping
- Explosive
- Barely visible but intensely felt

It can also vary from time to time... so yes, you have to be prepared.

Especially if you're one of those women who's checking the pants on the chair and everything that's out of place when you're making love, and let me put it CLEAR, SIMPLE, and DIRECT... you're not broken for focusing more on what's not tidy in the room, you're simply someone who is influenced by the environment AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG OR SHAMEFUL ABOUT IT.

If you're one of those women, straighten your spine, open your chest, lift your head, and make it yours, be proud to be a Goddess who deserves nothing less than making love in the most beautiful and orderly temple there is!

Well, I got a little excited about the topic... what does that have to do with squirting?

Ever since I tried them, I've been totally obsessed with intimate blankets, which is why we've decided to include them among Yoni Samsara's products, as they are wonderful!

Blood red color (they work great for free bleeding too), completely waterproof, if you like to play with ice and hot water they are ideal, they are soft, the fabric itself is an orgasmic sensation on the skin and they truly are the best quality I've tried so far.

You have it there on your bed or on the side, you put it on when you're playing alone or with your partner, and you throw it in the wash if "you make a mess". Nothing to clean, the bed doesn't get wet, and you have your skin lying on one of the softest fabrics out there.

Perfect, right?

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Now onto the second point... perhaps my favorite to explain.

Is Squirting Urine?

Is squirting really just urine? No, it's squirting. That's why we call it squirting and not urine. Although there are some elements of urine in squirting, such as urea and creatinine, it's not the same substance.

Squirting contains PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen), similar to male ejaculation, which comes from the Skene's glands (paraurethral glands) and erectile tissue around the vagina.

-> Squirting: White/transparent, high concentration of PSA

-> Urine: Mostly yellow, low concentration of PSA

Plus, our body is highly intelligent, and it's actually very rare for a woman to release her bladder while in the act of sex without any kind of prior muscle training and education (which is what you see in porn movies).

You can officially stop worrying.

What do I need to squirt?

Squirting is about allowing your body to flow naturally. Here's what you need for it to happen:

1. Prepare a Safe Environment: Create a space where you feel safe and don't worry about making a mess, you can check out our waterproof blankets for squirting HERE.

2. Make sure you are fully aroused: For this, you need to bring yourself to a luxurious excitement, none of those 5-minute foreplays and penetration. Our vagina is like a sponge; it fills with blood as we get aroused. More blood means more pleasure and better access to the glands that allow squirting.

3. Connect with Your Body: Remember, nobody can make you squirt. It's about the connection you have with your own body, and the confidence in your sexuality.

4. Be Completely Present: Focus on the sensations in your body and do it for yourself, if you want to explore this with a partner, it's important to stop performing for them. You need to be completely in your body for this to happen. If your mind is involved, it will stop the process.

For these last two points, connecting with your body and being completely present are tools that are developed with practice. and practice happens EVERY day, outside of the bed, so that when you're in bed you can fully enjoy the present moment and the connection with your pleasure. That's why in my programs we focus on practices, rituals, meditations, breathing techniques, concrete tools that you can use in all activities of your life to have an orgasmic life experience and not just a few orgasms in bed.

Okay, now, I think you're ready for us to get into the juicy details.

What's the technique for squirting?

As I've mentioned several times, every body is different, every woman is different. Some will react to one type of stimulation more than another, or with different rhythms, or who prefer a pleasure wand instead of fingers. Our favorite, you should already know, is the Nephrite jade for G-spot stimulation, if you haven't looked at that beauty yet, click HERE.

The technique for squirting through G-spot stimulation focuses on locating and massaging this specific area of the vagina properly. The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately 5-8 cm from the entrance. To stimulate it, insert your pleasure wand or two fingers in a hook shape, curving them upwards, and make "come here" movements. Apply firm and rhythmic pressure, gradually increasing intensity as it feels comfortable and pleasurable.

It's crucial to maintain a steady rhythm and pay attention to the body's signals. Once again, foreplay is essential; make sure you're fully aroused before starting stimulation. This increases the sensitivity of the point G, as the vagina fills with blood, facilitating the response to stimulation.

Relaxation is another vital component. It's important to let go of any tension and focus on the feeling of release. Some people find it helpful to experiment with different positions. Some may need gravity on their side, so sitting, standing, or squatting can help. Others may need to be completely relaxed, which can be achieved by lying down and entering a trance-like state.

Would you like Part 2 with all the myths and most frequently asked questions about squirting?

Comment below this post or send us an email with the subject BLOG, you can include your experience, your difficulties, or your questions, and we'll make sure to answer them in Part 2!

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A big hug, sister.

The Yoni Samsara team