Sister, yoni eggs have captured the attention of many women interested in holistic health, spirituality, and female empowerment. These small objects, made of precious stones, have been used for centuries for healing and strengthening feminine energy.

But the question everyone is asking is...

Is it one of these new New Age therapies?

Where do they come from and what is their true purpose?


Join me on this journey through time to discover the fascinating history of yoni eggs.

The practice of using yoni eggs dates back to ancient China, specifically to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), although some records suggest that their use may be even older. The word "yoni" comes from Sanskrit and refers to the female sexual organ, symbolizing the origin of life and the universe. In ancient China, these practices were part of Taoist teachings, focused on longevity, health, and the balance of vital energy or "qi."

Chinese empresses and concubines were instructed in the use of yoni eggs to maintain their health and vitality. The eggs, made of jade, were valued for their metaphysical and healing properties. Jade, known as the "stone of heaven," was considered sacred and believed to have the ability to channel the energy of Earth and Heaven, thus balancing the body and spirit. The practice of yoni eggs dates back 5000 years. In ancient times, this technique was reserved for the queen, the princess, and the concubines. Taoist instructors would come to teach them the 'art of making love.'

The history of the jade egg, or yoni egg, dates back over three thousand years in ancient China. At the emperor's request, the empress and hundreds of concubines were initiated, in the greatest secrecy, in the practice of the egg so they could strengthen the power of their s3xual organ and preserve their youth and vitality, ensuring they could make love sacredly with the emperor!

When the time came, they were given a test: a gold wire was tied to the egg. The other end of the wire was tied to a heavy throne. The woman used her vaginal muscles to pull the gold wire until it broke, thus demonstrating the strength of her vagina. At this stage of mastery, the concubine's yoni was strong enough to squeeze the emperor's p3n!s at will when it was inside her vagina.

Controlling the contractions of their vagina allowed them to provide greater pleasure to the ruler and also prevent the emperor from going beyond his "point of no return" and avoid his eyaculation. In this way, in addition to avoiding pregnancy, it ensured that the emperor's energy was not wasted through eyaculation and that it was elevated through his chakras. Filled with universal and cosmic energy, the emperor could then connect with a wiser and greater dimension of himself and thus be able to make the best decisions for his kingdom.

The practice of the yoni egg has clearly evolved with our evolution. We are no longer forced to give all our powers to the emperor, and we are no longer the oriental concubines of that time.

Since then, women have suffered persecutions, abuses, and all kinds of ancestral wounds that we carry in our yonis. That area is a very powerful energetic nucleus, a source of creation, life, pleasure, but also blockages and memories that need to be cleaned and released. When I talk about memories, in this context, I do not necessarily mean conscious memories, but also wounds or blockages that are in the unconscious, buried. Experiences that we rationally think have left no trace, but energetically they have. Or even blockages of a karmic or transgenerational nature: historical and from our ancestors in the form of abuses, abortions, or losses.

Furthermore, the energy of all the people we have relationships with gets impregnated in its walls, leaving a trace in us and, in turn, those people bring the energies of all their relationships. Therefore, it is necessary that we focus on cleaning those ancestral karmic memories.

Today, yoni eggs are available in a variety of precious stones, each with its unique properties.

Those we at Yoni Samsara love and promote are the classic ones used in antiquity by women all over the world.

Jade, known for its ability to balance energy and promote tranquility;

Rose Quartz, associated with love and compassion, helps open the heart and heal emotional wounds;

Black Obsidian, used for protection and the elimination of negative energies.

The benefits attributed to yoni eggs are numerous. Physically, they are said to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, improving s3xu4l health and urinary continence. Spiritually, they are believed to help release emotional and energetic traumas, promoting a deeper connection with one's body and feminine energy.

At Yoni Samsara, we work with the traditional Taoist methodology, which according to the experience of Carol Arnelas, working with thousands of women around the world, is the most effective and loving. Traditionally, in the Taoist teachings from which yoni eggs originate, women began with the healing properties of nephrite jade, then moved on to black obsidian to work and integrate their "shadows," and finally, when they felt ready, introduced rose quartz to open the heart. This traditional Taoist methodology is what we recommend following at Yoni Samsara to make the process as effective and loving as possible:

Nephrite Jade, to awaken s3xu4l energy in the First Chakra;

Black Obsidian, to cleanse the uterus and harmonize the Second Chakra;

Rose Quartz, to harmonize the Heart Chakra and connect with self-love.

Have you ever invested in a tool to heal the source of your blockages and symptoms... your uterus?

A tool that you can immediately integrate into your life and that will give you the power to see how all areas of your life begin to fit together: your connection and pleasure, your relationships, your abundance, your feminine health, your calm and balance, and your beauty and youth.

A tool along with online training to teach you how to use it that has empowered millions of women around the world since ancient times and whose power you are about to discover.

yoni eggs are completely safe to use. They will not get stuck because the cervical hole only allows menstrual blood to pass through. It is important to follow the usage instructions and maintain proper hygiene to ensure a positive and beneficial experience.

yoni eggs represent a rich tradition of feminine healing and empowerment that has endured through the centuries. Although their modern practice may be subject to debate, the positive impact that many women have experienced by incorporating them into their wellness routine cannot be denied. As with any healing tool, the key is education, respect for traditions, and conscious attention to one's needs and limits.

We hope this look into the history of yoni eggs has inspired you to explore more about this fascinating practice and consider how it might fit into your own journey of wellness and self-discovery.

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