Welcome to the Yoni Samsara Tribe!

You will find the GIA certificates for your Yoni eggs at the bottom of this pageWith all our heart and with all our love, we thank you for having trusted us, on behalf of the whole team.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for choosing us to purchase this sacred jewel for your Yoni, and I hope it brings you all the love, healing and pleasure you deserve. To thank you for your trust, we would like to give you an exclusive discount of 20% off and you have 24 hours to take advantage of it!

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Sending you an ocean of love,

Yoni Samsara


Disinfect your yoni egg before the first use. Wash it with natural soap and then put the egg in cold water and bring it to the boil until you see the bubbles. Then turn off the heat and leave it in the water for about 10 minutes.

DO NOT put your yoni egg in boiling water or pour cold water over the hot egg, doing so can cause it to crack. If your egg has a hole in it, use unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss to pass through the hole for easy removal if necessary.

Happy egging, sister!