Vaginal orgasm beyond myth: how to achieve it

Do you want to experience pleasure like you've never known before? Vaginal orgasm is one of the most ecstatic sensations for a woman, although there is some taboo and misinformation about it. In Yoni Samsara we want you to know how far your own body can go. Stick around and we will tell you everything you need to know about vaginal orgasm.

What is vaginal orgasm?

A vaginal orgasm is a sensation of pleasure and satisfaction that occurs during penetration, either during intercourse or masturbation. This physiological response of the female body is produced by experiencing maximum arousal when the vaginal area is stimulated, hence the name vaginal orgasm. The pressure exerted on this area stimulates the nerve endings of the clitoris and this explosion of pleasure is produced.

¿Qué es el orgasmo vaginal?


This type of orgasm can have different durations and intensity, depending on each body and how this part of the body has been stimulated.


Ways to stimulate the vagina for vaginal orgasm

One of the ways to experience a vaginal orgasm is by practising the technique of vaginal decontraction. Our vagina is creating an armour to protect itself from traumas, memories, stagnant emotions, sexual relations when we are not ready...

Therefore, releasing the tension in the vaginal walls will be key to achieve this pleasure, the best is the use of a pleasure wand, like the ones we have in Yoni Samsara, the best proven tool to decontract the entire vaginal area. In addition, it is key to never rush to reach this climax, but to experiment with the sensations and stimulation.

Is there a difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm?

An orgasm is an orgasm. It is a sensation of extreme pleasure that is produced by stimulating muscles in the pelvic area or genitals. Sometimes it is so intense that the person may reach an altered state of consciousness, including body tremors, contractions in the vagina (and other parts of the body) or hyperventilation.

Vaginal orgasm can also be said to be a clitoral orgasm, as it is achieved by indirect stimulation of the nerve endings of the clitoris on the inside of the vagina.


Truths and lies about the "myth" of the vaginal orgasm


In an age where the internet is like an endless encyclopaedia, there is a lot of information and myths created around the vaginal orgasm. You will find information such as that there is no such thing as vaginal orgasm, that it is a misogynistic concept, but in reality it is not true at all.

It is true that throughout history, always written from a patriarchal point of view, orgasm is obtained through penetration, with the simple "in and out". Female pleasure was left aside, forgetting also how the different sexual parts of the woman can play a very important role in orgasm, such as the clitoris, the cervix or the walls of the vagina.

The myth that vaginal orgasm does not exist is not true. There are women who find it more difficult to achieve it because they may have this part stiffened, they find it difficult to feel pleasure because of stagnant traumas or pain in this area. But there are ways to help the body to awaken and discover this intense pleasure.


How to achieve vaginal orgasms

There are many women who have never been able to experience a vaginal orgasm because they do not know themselves well, nor do they know that their body has an enormous capacity to experience pleasure. First of all, we recommend that you get to know yourself, that you explore yourself, that you love yourself.

In addition, we have compiled a few tips to help you achieve vaginal orgasms. Here we go:

Practice vaginal contraction exercises

One of the ways to start working towards vaginal orgasm is through consistent work outside of sexual intercourse. Having a fit and healthy pelvic floor is paramount to achieving maximum pleasure. One of the ways is with the use of yoni eggs and pleasure wands to massage the vaginal walls internally, thus loosening the contractures that allow us to feel and performing contraction exercises to strengthen the vaginal muscles, as well as building a greater awareness of the sensations in this part of the body.

Let go of your ruminating mind

In many occasions the female brain is thinking about many things at the same time: what I have to do tomorrow, something that has happened at work, the food I liked, that video I have seen on social networks... It is very important to stop the mind and focus it only on what is being done and in this case on sex. Being focused on the situation will help us to increase pleasure.


Cómo conseguir el orgasmo vaginal | Yoni Samsara

Games and warm-up

Starting penetration without warming up sufficiently beforehand is not pleasurable and can even be counterproductive. It is important, whether you are alone or in company, that you gradually stimulate other parts of your body to increase the temperature. You can caress yourself in the areas you like the most, such as thighs, breasts, the abdominal area, the vaginal lips... Having a previous arousal will be key to achieve vaginal orgasm.

Choose the postures that give you the most pleasure

Whether you are masturbating with a pleasure wand or having penetrative sex, choose the position that will give you the most pleasure to climax. It's important to discover it for yourself, with self-pleasure, so that you can share it with your lover.

Communication is the key to pleasure

Talk, express yourself, communicate. It is very important to say what you like and don't like during sexual intercourse. Your partner will love it if you tell them what turns you on the most and that will help you reach vaginal orgasm more easily.

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The vaginal orgasm is really an extreme pleasure that every woman should have the right to experience throughout her life. For this reason, Yoni Samsara together with Carol Arnelas have created The School of Pleasure and Wellbeing as well as the accompanying programme "Orgasmic Uterus", in which we work on the liberation of traumas, pains, rage stagnant in the uterus in order to free ourselves, connect with the purest feminine essence and be able to experience the greatest sexual pleasures in the world.